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Challenging Design

Burning artistic solutions

3fiftysix media champions great design led marketing communications. For us that means investing time with clients to really understand their marketing objectives. We recognise that this part of the process can seem tedious before we get to the creative part. We do however need to challenge our understanding of requirements to provide the best possible solution. In our minds there is no room for ambiguity. What does the term 'smart casual' actually mean?

As a boutique design & marketing communications agency, we place design and creative imagery at the heart of creating value for clients by stimulating demand for their products and business solutions. We also work with clients and charities to help tackle complex social issues.

We believe artistic and creative solutions should be challenging. Like Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Kat Von D, we seek to stimulate our clients' target markets with creative innovation and new design thinking to stimulate commercial debate.

Choosing the right suit

Corporate - Whether working with an international corporation or a small company, we share the passion and determination of all our clients to achieve their marketing objectives. With every project we evolve which allows us to dovetail creativity with specific client requirements. Bespoke creative solutions which encompass company personalities.




Visual impact is essential

Brand - We were once asked 'why do we need a brand or logo when our products sell themselves?' Whilst this is a perfectly valid question, in our experience we find that a strong visual identity helps maximise market position and secure a profitable existence in a competitive market space.

In creating a brand visual identity, we consider; colour, typestyle, symbolism, style, values and personality. Getting the relationship of all these components is the tricky bit. Only then do we make it look good.


Stand out fom the crowd

Events - Its about bringing together all the brand elements into an exciting package to deliver a truly memorable experience for clients and their guests. Life enriching memories is our goal.


Eye catching

Digital - We ensure design and marketing communications make the most effective use of digital platforms. With video, web, presentation, social media or email the key messages and visual imagery are carefully targeted to maximise impact and effectiveness in single or cross platform arenas. At all times reflecting client personalities and specific business solutions.


Choose the right media for you

Print - Large volume generic print has experienced exponential decline. Print media has a significant role in delivering premium marketing communications support. This is especially so as part of a personalised and carefully targeted cross platform campaign in which an effectively designed campaigns can yield significant and measurable returns on investment. With the right design, client targeting, strong production values and environmental management, short run and high quality print media remains a powerful channel.