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Powerful Communications

Every picture sells a story


Digital - High volume marketing communications increasingly embrace digital communication channels. These channels benefit clients through improved cost efficiency and interactive functionality combined with an increase in mobile devices and rapidly improving broadband speed.
Personalisation is also a key element of the digital channel in which, with the correct design, the client can be more effectively targeted and tracked resulting in follow-up communications within a very short timeframe.
Combined with a dynamic website, clients have the opportunity to tap into a much more effective digital world in which they can benefit from cost-effective and environmentally efficient, mass marketing communications. Open imagination.



Getting it down on paper

Print - The world's first movable type printing technology was invented and developed in China by the Han Chinese printer Bi Sheng between the years 1041 and 1048. In the West, the invention of an improved movable type mechanical printing technology in Europe is credited to the German printer Johannes Gutenbergin 1450. Printing has played a massive part in marketing communications over the decades and to some extent still does today. The explosion of smart phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers combined with valid environmental concerns has seen an exponential decline for mass produced print media. Whilst print media still has an important role to play in the marketing communications channels mix, it is now more popular to promote high value premium products or as an excellent method of recording a company or product history in the form of specialised and bespoke case bound books. Proven communication.

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Making the right choice

Cross-platform - A cross-platform communications strategy, embracing digital and print media channels, can yield much higher response rates. This method conveys a joined up approach to marketing campaigns reaching most receptors: sight, sound, touch and smell. It also provides a route to measure the campaign effectiveness through personalised URLs.


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